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Courtney has recorded an album, Changes, raising money for Epsom Phab. The album has 7 cover songs plus a song called Unborn Child.

The song was written in 1992 by 3 Phab kids, David, Natasha and Stephen. They had been asked to go to the Michael Jackson ‘Heal The World Conference’ at Regents College in London. Accompanied by Julia, they spent the weekend in workshops where they discussed actions that could be taken to make the world a better place. All 3 chose to work on the topic of equality and on the final day presented their ideas to Michael Jackson himself. They were also guests of honour at the Wembley Stadium concert.

As part of the conference, the youngsters were invited to write a poem. The Phab 3 decided to work together and came up with the original idea of expressing all that is wrong with the world through the ears of an unborn child. They worked into the early hours after the concert. The next day they were told that their poem had won the competition! They carefully wrote it out on a scroll,presented it to Michael Jackson at the closing ceremony and Natasha read it out. The poem was subsequently used as a voiceover in some versions of the ‘Heal The World’ music video. On returning to Phab, John Kelly helped the 3 to write some music to the poem & the song ‘Unborn Child’ was created and recorded on an 8 track mixer at John’s house onto a tape.

It wasn’t until the death of Michael Jackson that Julia told Courtney about the track. It was a special song because although she didn’t know it, Julia was pregnant with Courtney at the time of the ‘Heal The World’ conference. Courtney was the unborn child the Phab kids had written about.They found the tape and the Phab kids performed in their 2011 show at Bourne Hall, ‘It’s A Kind Of Magic’.

In April 2012 at the Skyline Recording studios at Lintons Lane the youngsters made a new recording of the track. Accompanying Courtney and singing the ‘Hopefully signed an Unborn Child’ are:

Laurel Ayers, Amy Ayers, James Coutts, Jess Dean, Emma Dean, Phoebe Dukes, Jovi Edwards, Luke Giles, Zoe Giles, Sophie Golding, Ashleigh Kaye, Sophie Morris, Rhea Myers-Knight, Rio Ordoyno, Chiara Ravetto, Olivia Schofield, Georgia Slee, Jasmine Slee

The album is available at a cost of £5 and all money goes directly to the club.

Copies will be available to buy on club evenings or by emailing phab@phab.org.